Our Mission

We are a commercial real estate investment company dedicated to helping others realize the many benefits associated with multifamily real estate.

Our History

Founded in 2020, and after having 20 years of experience buying residential real estate we decided to transition to commercial real estate full-time due to the numerous opportunities we were seeing in the market.  Our team consists of seasoned professionals who have the capabilities to get each project across the finish line in a timely fashion while staying on budget. 

Our Target Markets

We are very dedicated to our investors & partners and our investment strategy has always been very conservative.  We focus on markets that offer both population & job growth, and we look for future appreciation and nearby development opportunities that will increase the evaluations on our projects.

Our Investment Criteria and Strategy

We target C-Class properties located in B-Areas, as well as B-Class properties located in A-Areas.  In an ideal world we buy based on immediate cash-flow but we do understand that most properties today are going to require some type of value-add in order to increase rents and lowering expenses while adding value to both our residents and our investors. 

Conservative approach

We base all of our investments off of very conservative underwriting guidelines.   We look for cash flow & future appreciation in markets that offer our investors the highest potential for success. This conservative approach ultimately leads to a better property for both our investors and our residents.

What is Multifamily Real Estate

We buy apartment buildings & apartment complexes

Why Multifamily

Discover why investing in multifamily real estate has the potential to change your life

Passive income & Cash Flow

Multifamily real estate is the solution for anyone looking to achieve financial freedom through passive income and consistent cash flow.  The long-term stability of apartment buildings has always been a great vehicle for anyone looking to diversify their investment portfolio as well as anyone looking to expand their retirement account portfolio.  Multifamily investing is a viable alternative to investing in stocks and bonds while offering investors asset diversification, as well as a different risk and return profile.

Tax benefits

We are not professional tax accountants and we recommend you seek proper counsel, but owning real estate has always offered incredible tax savings and huge tax advantages when compared to traditional investments such as stocks & bonds.  Often times investors in apartment buildings end up paying little to no taxes because of the loopholes written into our tax codes.  Oftentimes you are also able to reduce or eliminate the taxes you pay at your W2 job when owning commercial real estate.


Appreciation, in general terms, is an increase in the value of an asset over time.  Commercial real estate offers both natural appreciation and forced appreciation.  Natural appreciation is the increase in value that real estate generally experiences over time.  Have you ever heard the saying “When is the best time to buy real estate, yesterday” that is because real estate naturally increases in value due to inflation and natural occurrences within our economy.  Forced appreciation is the increase in value directly related to an increase in rental income or a decrease in expenses.  The better that property performs, the higher its evaluation

About Us

Garrison Gilbert

Honesty, integrity, and teamwork is what guides us through our day to day activities
Garrison has been a full-time real estate investor since 2001 after completing college with two business majors and a minor in psychology. Since that time, he purchased over 1200 properties including fix/flips, land development deals, beach property acquisitions, single-family rental portfolios, section-8 rental portfolios, high-end estate developments, nonperforming real estate notes, and he was involved with a $50M real estate fund based out of NYC in 2008. Then in 2015, he made commercial real estate his full-time focus.
Since he transitioned to full-time commercial real estate investing, Garrison has had the opportunity to speak at several large apartment building conferences where average attendance ranges from 600-1000 people. He is also a multifamily real estate coach for one of the largest names in the business while also having two real estate mastermind groups for apartment building owners. Additionally, Garrison is one of the founding members of MultifamilyMaster.com, which is a worldwide online platform that provides free educational content for buying apartment buildings. Due to his success in the commercial real estate space, he was nominated for Multifamily Real Estate Investor of the Year in 2018 by Think Realty Magazine, which is one of the largest magazine publications for real estate investors.
As Director of Investor Relations, Garrison Gilbert is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to real estate, and he strives to help as many people as possible because in commercial real estate, your network is your net worth, and this is a team sport.


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